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Connecting traditionally disadvantaged populations to avenues for family strengthening and economic success


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Prioritizing the well-being of underserved children and families. 

Coastal Family Partners was created to tackle south Alabama's most pressing needs for children and families. Whether it's partnering with parents to help children thrive or advocating for self-advocates with developmental disabilities, our community's needs are at the forefront of our work. 

Children in Library

Innovative projects

"It's always been that way." is our enemy. Find out how we're breaking the mold.

concrete Support

Did you know concrete support has been shown to improve the quality of life for caregivers and reduce stress?

Parent Education

We're dedicated to strong partnerships with parents to promote healthy families. 

research and dialogue

Our research and data analyses leads to brighter and more efficient programs for children and families. 

Community Partnerships are critical to our success.
We welcome your guidance, feedback, and support. 
Allow us to connect with you. 

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Let's partner to improve the lives of self-advocates with disabilities living in south Alabama.

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