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Minimizing Instances of Lewd Acts (MILA)

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

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It is commonplace for individuals in public settings to shy away from conversations which are sexual in nature; however, persons with developmental disabilities often rely on those around them to inform, educate, and equip them and the general public with the tools and knowledge needed to keep them safe from unwanted sexual advances. Coastal Family Partners is proudly funded by the Alabama Council on Developmental Disabilities to offer an innovative program in our area.
Minimizing Instances of Lewd Acts (M.I.L.A) is a 6-week program which is intended to provide effective and compassionate knowledge which can in turn be used as strong, self-advocacy tools.

Our workshops are led by trained professionals and content is informed by the Elevatus' curriculum Sexuality Education for People with Developmental Disabilities. We offer online and in-person sessions which are intended to empower the participant by increasing knowledge related to assault, healthy relationships, and personal choices.

Ready to refer someone or  join? Just complete our intake form here and a member of our M.I.L.A. team will contact you.

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