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Parent   Toolbox

Regular parenting tools and children's resources

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In our Parent Toolbox program, we regularly distribute recyclable boxes filled with individualized parenting, literacy, and children's educational materials that increase parents' awareness of developmental expectations and positive behavior management techniques. Coupled with these resources will be the option to access dedicated staff members to assess family needs and make referrals to enhance family well-being. Parents enrolled in Parent Toolbox: Project Breather will also be provided the opportunity to engage in regular workshops and parent cafes that complement the materials found in their toolboxes. These materials and resources will be provided to parents at no-cost. Our program prioritizes service to caregivers of children with disabilities and families classified as having low to moderate income. This program is made possible through generous funding from the Alabama Department of Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention. 

Interested? Email or, call 251-380-6084. 

2022-2023 Parent Toolbox Program Application

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