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Community Impact & Stories

Coastal Family Partners is committed to creating positive impact in our community through meaningful partnerships. We partner with local organizations, businesses, and individuals to create success for our cause, provide support for those in need, and build systems for our families. We also partner with parents and children to provide educational resources and create opportunities for growth. Together we are making a difference in our community!


After several home visits, Kaylan reports that Kaison is now saying the names of colors, pointing out shapes, and listening better to instructions! He also likes to join in on the weekly role playing. In February 2023, Kaison was accepted into the preK program at a local elementary school. There he receives occupational and speech therapies through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Kaylan's support system of home visiting, referrals, and special education services helped her establish a pathway to long-term academic success for her son.

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